Bicycle hire

NKP Ležáky is situated amidst many tourist attractions (Slatiňany castle, Nové Hrady castle, Toulovec's Stables, Open Air Museum Veselý Kopec etc.).

It is also possible to take the educational trail in the neighbourhood of Ležáky. Opened on 18 June 2010, it connects the former hamlet of Ležáky with the village of Vrbatův Kostelec and other nearby villages.
That's why we expanded our services to include a bike hire.

Availability and hire condition

Before effecting a hire, a hire agreement is to be executed, for which the ID card of the client is needed.
A deposit for every hired bicycle is 200 CZK.
The hire fee is 100 CZK. 

More details available in the museum of NKP Ležáky on the phone nos. 469 344 179, 739 377 358, 739 335 734 or by email

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