Visitor´s Code of Ležáky Memorial

I National Cultural Heritage Area (NKP) - Memorial Site of Ležáky

Since 1 June 2008, by decision of the Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic, the item of National Cultural Heritage – the Memorial Site of Ležáky has fallen under the administration of the Lidice Memorial, which is an organization having separate legal personality as one of the semi-budgetary organizations of the Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic, its establisher. The owner of NKP Ležáky is the State.
The buildings and premises administrated by the Lidice Memorial at NKP Ležáky include: Museum, Mini Gallery and Memorial Site.

II Opening hours

Museum and Mini Gallery:
April – October: Tuesday – Sunday 9 a.m. – 5 p.m. Closing days: Monday
June – July: daily 9. a.m. – 5 p.m.
November – March: Monday – Friday 8 a.m. 4 p.m. Closing days: Saturday and Sunday
Visits to NKP Ležáky on closing days can be ordered by phone two days in advance at the latest.

III Admission fees

The admission fee applies only to the museum. Other premises can be visited without paying an admission fee. The admission fee shall be paid before the tour begins. The admission prices are published in notices displayed on the entrance doors to the museum and the Mini Gallery. Entrance tickets can be bought at the reception of the museum, only in cash. After paying the admission price, the visitor receives a ticket to be carried throughout the tour and produced on request to NKP Ležáky personnel. The ticket is valid only for one tour on the day it was bought. Admission discounts are provided according to the relevant tariff.

Admission prices:

  • Adults 30 CZK
  • Children under 7 years free
  • Children from 7 to 15years 20 CZK
  • Students with a student's card 20 CZK
  • ZTP and ZRP-P card holders 20 CZK
  • IYTC, ITIC ISIC cards holders 20 CZK
  • Persons over 65 years 20 CZK
  • Concessionary price for Geocaching 10 CZK

On production of the relevant certificate, Ležáky children, teachers accompanying a group of students or pupils, ICOM and AMG members (including members of the Union of Museums in Slovakia) are entitled to free admission.

IV Tour of the premises

Tours can be made individually or in company of a NKP Ležáky guide. Ban on alcohol and smoking applies to all buildings of NKP Ležáky.

V Other use of NKP Ležáky premises

Musical, vocal, theatrical and other performances on the premises of NKP Ležáky take place only subject to approval of the management of the Lidice Memorial and in compliance with the conditions given in the letter of approval. In the buildings of NKP Ležáky, it is not allowed to:

  • Film, make photographs and any other documents; exceptions only with permission of the management of the Lidice Memorial based on a written application and conclusion of a contract;
  • Use an IT or other technology that is not employed by the Lidice Memorial;
  • Carry out a person-to-person sale or a booth sale;
  • Collect money or other property from visitors;
  • Carry out political campaigning in any form;
  • Engage in any behaviour inconsistent with the historical and commemorative character of the site.

VI Cultural Heritage Protection and Security of Collections

Throughout their visit to the buildings and the memorial site of NKP Ležáky, the visitors are obliged to observe the rules of human coexistence and behave with a dignity corresponding with the historical, social and cultural importance of the place, showing consideration for the material essence of this cultural monument as well as for other visitors. The visitors are obliged to obey any instructions of the NKP Ležáky staff, the mayor of the village of Miřetice and the police. If the visitor does not obey instructions or orders issued for the sake of the security of visitors or protection of the buildings and collections, they shall be banished from the building and not given back the admission fee or handed over to the relevant law-enforcement authorities.

It is prohibited to damage buildings, collections, greenery and any other property within the premises of NKP Ležáky and disturb other visitors, primarily to:

  • Touch the exhibits,
  • Disturb the guide's commentary or spoiling the tour for other visitors with noise (music, unallowed singing, reproduced music or voice, loud speech and other activities),
  • Write or paint on the walls or damage them otherwise,
  • Eat and drink inside the buildings, enter with an ice cream, drinks etc.,
  • Tent, camp, picnic and kindle a fire on the memorial site,
  • Break branches of trees and shrubs, walk outside the marked paths,
  • Ride around the memorial site in a car, quad-bike, motorbike, on horseback etc; wheelchairs are allowed;
  • Enter the buildings with dogs and other animals – dogs on leash are allowed on the memorial site on condition that the cleanness of the memorial site is maintained;
  • Litter, otherwise disturb peace and order,
  • Promote and install any materials on the memorial site without NKP Ležáky staff knowing.

VII Fire prevention and security of visitors

It is strictly forbidden to smoke and handle naked flames inside the buildings opened to visitors. If a fire occurs, visitors are obliged to obey instructions of the NKP Ležáky staff. Every visitor of NKP Ležáky is insured for injury during the tour. In case of injury during the tour, the injured can turn to the staff of NKP Ležáky.
The Lidice Memorial, under which administration NKP Ležáky falls, does not bear any responsibility for injuries and damages incurred as a result of a breach of the visitors' code.

VIII Final provisons

Visitors can address their complaints and comments to the management of the Lidice Memorial and the staff of NKP Ležáky.

This visitors' code takes effect on the date it is put on public display under ref. no. S_2021_32

In Lidice, May 1th, 2021

PhDr. Eduard Stehlík, Ph.D., MBA