The museum is located near the abandoned quarry, facing the restaurant.

The idea to build a museum in the memorial area comes from the architect Ladislav Žák. A museum was included in his architectural design for the memorial site from the 1940s. Although it was also a part of the design for the second phase of the site development in the 1960s, it was not built in the end either.

From the nationalization of the building industry in the 1960s till 1988, all adjustments were negotiated with and implemented by the state-owned company Stavoprojekt. Then it was also decided to build a museum, which was finished in 1966 and opened in 1971.

2008 saw the start of a comprehensive renovation of the building. The contrct owner was the Lidice Memorial that invited for cooperation Mgr. Bohumír Prokůpek and the studio Pinkas - Žalský Architekti. A year later, the renovated museum was officially opened to the public on the occasion of the commencement of a new visiting season.

Ashlared with granite, the museum has an all-glass front that allows sight of the quarry where the inhabitants were gathered before they were taken to the execution ground. There is a projection room inside where visitors can view a documentary on the Ležáky tragedy and the multimedia exhibition Ležáky, the village that was not silent... acquainting visitors with the life stories of the inhabitants of the village as well as its destruction on the backdrop of key events of that time.