Providing photos and documents

Making copies

It is possible to order copies of documents and collection items (photocopy, digital photography); for details on the required item, please contact the relevant responsible person. For personal use of the user, it is possible to make a digital copy of prints with the digital camera the user brings along. The flash is not allowed to be used, a tripod may be used upon agreement. It is also possible to order copies of documents without being present in the Lidice Memorial in person, by means of the above-mentioned contacts. To order such copies it is necessary to fill in an electronic or printed version of the Researcher's Sheet; the copies may be collected at the Lidice Memorial, sent by post to a stated address (charged with a fee according to the Česká Pošta price tariff) or sent by e-mail. The copies are made exclusively for personal use of the client or for internal needs of an organization. Any other use is subject to prior written permission of the management of the Lidice Memorial, which may be obtained through the abovementioned contacts.

Contacs: 00420 312 253 063

Agreement to grant the right to use the images of archives from the funds and the collection of the Lidice Memorial

Prices of services:

Reprographic services provided by the staff of LM
A single-sided photocopy up to A4 size
Scanning up to A4 size of the original (up to 300 dpi)
30 CZK
A photographof a 2D original of size up to A3taken with a digital camera
120 CZK
A photograph of an original larger than A3 size taken with a digital camera
300 CZK
A photograph of a 3D object taken with a digital camera
300 CZK
Providing a reproduction of an original which has been already reproduced
25 CZK
CD, DVD, recording included40 CZK
Postage and packing
According to weight and size, postage as per ČP price tariff
Consent with a single use of an archives reproduction
Using archives for scholarly (scholarly magazines, professional journals, anthologies, independent studies, monographs, editions, exhibition catalogues) and tuition (teaching aids)purposes
Free of charge
Using reproductions of archives for commercial purposes (pictorial publications, postcards, calendars, promotional material etc.), 1 pc of a colour or black-and-white digital reproduction
Up to 600 pcs: 1,500Over 600 pcs: 3,000


Only cash payments in CZK are accepted. Cashless payment still may be accepted by a LM staff, but is not subject to claim. Where a foreign payment is approved, the sum to be paid by the applicant is inclusive of the bank charge as per current price list.Upon written request, the director of LM may, in justified cases, grant an exception from payment for the service described above. This exception is not subject to claim.