Research Room And Library

Visit to the research room

Upon request, the collection of the Lidice Memorial can be consulted in the research room of the Lidice Memorial, provided the Rules for Researchers at the Lidice Memorial are observed. The research room is open on weekdays except bank holidays from 9 am to 4 pm. The use of the research room is to be arranged in advance by phone or by e-mail. At every visit, the researcher is obliged to fill in a Researcher's Sheet to identify themselves and the purpose of their visit and to specify which archives are required.

Contacts: +420 312 253 063

Research rules (CZ)

Description of the Collection of the Lidice Memorial (CZ)

List of artworks from the Lidice Collection of Modern Art (CZ)

List of items from the Photographic Collection (CZ)

The Lidice Memorial Library

As of December 31st, 2014 the special library of the Lidice Memorial counted 512 volumes and additional ones continue to be added and catalogued. For the time being, the books are being temporarily stored in the office of the head of the Lidice Gallery, while in the future they will be permanently stored in a house next to the gallery's garden (2016).

Those who are interested can check these books out in the Lidice Memorial Research Room where they can peruse them according to the Rules of Research.

The library's principal focus:

1. Books about Lidice, Ležáky and Lety (specialized literature as well as historical fiction
2. Historical books focusing on the period of the Protectorate of Bohemia and Moravia along with WWII (1939-1945)
3. Books focusing on the post-WWII period and the time of socialist dictatorship, 1945-1989
4. Books about museums and similar institutions
5. Books about places with history similar to that of Lidice (institutions, memorials)
6. Books on art history (books tied to the Lidice art collection, books about children's creative work, etc.)
7. Publications issued by the Lidice Memorial

The books are in different languages.
Audio and video collection (DVDs, VHS, CDs, cassettes) - being prepared Newspaper article collection - being prepared For more information about the Lidice Memorial Library collection please contact Mrs. Tamara Hegerová,, +420 739 690 566


Doing researches means finding the information required by the researcher and drawing up a report according to the assignment as well as finding and preparing the set of required materials. There is a fee imposed on researches specified in the current price list.

Prices of services:

Research services
Fee for work of a specialiston simple researches (for each started hour)
350 CZK
Fee for work of a specialiston complex researches (for each started hour)
500 CZK
Fee for work of a specialiston researches (for each started hour) for mobility handicapped people
200 CZK
Fee for clerical work60 CZK
Postage and packing
According to weight and size, postage as per ČP price tariff
Consent with a single use of an archives reproduction
Using archives for scholarly (scholarly magazines, professional journals, anthologies, independent studies, monographs, editions, exhibition catalogues) and tuition (teaching aids)purposes
Free of charge
Using reproductions of archives for commercial purposes (pictorial publications, postcards, calendars, promotional material etc.), 1 pc of a colour or black-and-white digital reproduction

Up to 600 pcs: 1,500

Over 600 pcs: 3,000

Only cash payments in CZK are accepted. Cashless payment still may be accepted by a LM staff, but is not subject to claim. Where a foreign payment is approved, the sum to be paid by the applicant is inclusive of the bank charge as per current price list.Upon written request, the director of LM may, in justified cases, grant an exception from payment for the service described above. This exception is not subject to claim.